I always cherish beautiful love stories. Amanda and Morne’s love story is one of the things why I believe that love at first sight really do exist.


Amanda and Morne were single for a long time. Shortly after they met, they got engaged. It is amazing how God interacts with his children and make them realize when they finally met their partner in life. I believe that Amanda and Morne’s wait was worth the while.


Amanda always knew that I would be their wedding photographer and was convinced by a lovely couple, Lindi and Johan, whose wedding photos I did before. Amanda and Morne booked me long before their big day. And it turned out to be one beautiful heartfelt day.


The wedding was held at the Lavender Hill Country Estate based in Bethlehem. A spectacular venue with one of the most beautiful gardens filled with roses and lavender. The tranquil surroundings at this Free State wedding enriched the atmosphere and brought calmness over the nervous bride and bridegroom.


At the time when Morne got dressed for the wedding, a ginger cat came to give it’s blessings for the groom. The cat made the photos come out so natural and joyful. As I moved over to the bride, I could already feel the excitement of Amanda from a distance. During the time when Amanda got ready for the ceremony, a little girl put on the bride’s shoes and I could see in her eyes she already started dreaming about her big day.


Amanda’s uncle was there to walk her down the aisle. I offer my sincere condolences to Amanda and her family. Her father passed away a while before the wedding, but I believe that Amanda’s father was at the wedding in spirit and would be very proud of her.


The intimate bond that Amanda and Morne have was very vivid where they stood at the altar in the Hillsong Chapel. One of the things that stood out for me at this Free State wedding, was the fact that the chapel was looking over the Saulspoort Dam, which also enriched the whole atmosphere of the wedding.


The guests all shared the newly wed couple’s joy which was such a raw and cheerful experience, something that I would always treasure. Smiles and tears of joy where handed out, while the sounds of a saxophone and an accordion filled the air.


At the end of the day, I walked away with the influences of everyone’s beautiful spirit which filled me with a new outlook on life.


Riaan West