Cara + Dirk | Delsma Farm Wedding

Delsma Farm Wedding

Cara + Dirk | Delsma Farm Wedding

I can still remember the first time I met up with Cara and Dirk in the Heart of Stellenbosch. Cara and Dirk was full of excitement and so happy to talk about their wedding. Cara and Dirk completed an engagement shoot with another photographer and they wanted to do an engagement and wedding shoot that was more creative and Natural in style.


From the engagement shoot I learned that Dirk and Cara had a huge amount of energy and love for one another that made it very easy to work with. When a couple is as fun and loving as Cara and Dirk, everything else just falls into place.


When it came to the planning of their Delsma Farm Wedding, I was very excited to visit and capture one of the most beautiful sceneries and landscapes in the Western Cape. This would be my second time I would capture a Delsma Farm wedding. My first Delsma farm wedding was with the very talented and amazing photographer Yolande Marx.


On the day of the wedding, there were many highlights. Below are a couple of things that got my attention.


  • Dirk and Cara both belong to a musical group and some of their musician friends performed and played amazing music. From the church service to the reception.


  • The Speeches were very real, heartfelt and moving, to the point where even I cried.


  • Minki van der Westhuizen (International Celebraty) attended the Wedding and the reason why this was so amazing for me was, due to the fact that my surname is van der westhuizen.


  • The guests danced the night away



To Dirk and Cara, I’m forever thankful that I could be part of your wedding day. Your family and friends have been a living testimony of the amazing people you are. I value our time spent together and my life is enriched by the beauty of you as a couple.


I pray a blessing over your marriage and whish you many days of happiness as a couple together.

Riaan West