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Vash and Nandi are the loveliest and most wonderful people. I absolutely enjoyed our meetings and conversations for the their wedding.

I met Vash and Nandi at a Yolandi Marx wedding. I was a second shooter for Yolande Marx, an Amazing photographer based in Somerset West, Please review her excellent work by clicking on the link. 

Late in 2014 I did Vash and Nandi’s Engagement shoot at Table mountain and in Gardens. The shoot started off pretty scary, where we wondered through thick bush to get to a remote silver protea tree. I was silently thinking, this is starting off bad. I’m glad to say we recovered the situation very well and shoot was amazing. One always sees the images and very seldom one hears the adventure it takes to get the images. In my eyes, Vash and Nandi is extreme adventures.

Alfred Photography help assist me for this wonderful shoot and he flew from Johannesburg to partake in this wonderful wedding. Thanks for your hard and amazing work Alfred.

Vash and Nandi decided to do a CTICC Cape Town Wedding to accommodate all their family and friends. If someone had to ask me how I would describe their wedding, I could not almost find the words on how royal it was. I saw Vash as a prince and His beautiful bride, Nandi. I was a royal wedding, with spectacular decorations from dresses, to table details.

The most remarkable aspect of the weeding for me was their family. So loving, Kind and above all, Involved. Each person has a role, a duty and a responsibility. Each person carries that duty out with delight and a smile. Vash and Nandi, Your family and friends are very warm and very hospitable.

On a final note, Vash and Nandi, Thank you for this wonderful wedding, this Royal Wedding and the opportunity to be part of this. I love you dearly and good luck on your life journey together

To view some more comprehensive images for Vash and Nandi’s Wedding please click here. 




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