Lindi + Johan | Grabouw Engagement

Lindi + Johan | Grabouw Engagement

Lindi + Johan | Grabouw Engagement

Grabouw Engagement | Lindi + Johan | Wedding Photographers Cape Town


About a couple of months ago Lindi emailed to enquire about availablilty for her wedding day. Unfortunately a client has already booked the same day Lindi and Johan was interested in. I had to break the bad news to them that I was Unfortunately unavailable for the shoot.


A couple of weeks passed and my booked client (at the time) cancelled their booking and I was able to book Lindi and Johan. I am so glad I got them to be my clients. They are very fun loving and adventures, definitely my kind of client. We did some Pinterest Research and the one element (Prop) we included was a Bicycle from Cycle Works. On the day of the shoot Johan had this amazing 4 x 4 bakkie that go go through any terrain and also amazingly carry all our equipment and vintage bicycle.


Camilla, my very first intern cam with us to the shoot and we met her at Woolworths, the flagship store in waterstone, a must visit store!!!


The main reason we chose the Elgin area for a Grabouw Engagement shoot was for the Blossoms in the peach trees. The Elgin area is rich with these Blossom trees and from all the place we chose we ended up next to a small rural community. It was so funny because there was so many activity and movement in the area we had to move to another location. We could not believe the amount of traffic such a community had.

We ended up taking the rest of the images at the Elgin Grabouw Country Club, right next to the country club is a magical forest with amazing trees and the most amazing lake. I’m so happy Lindi and Johan chose a Grabouw engagement shoot.


To Lindi and Johan, you have blessed me so much on this shoot and it was an absolute delight to be part of your engagement shoot. I cannot wait for the wedding that lies ahead to document more memories and special moments of love.


With great delight and happiness, I present Lindi and Johans engagement shoot. Grab a coffee, kick out your shoes and sit back and enjoy the images.


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