Het Vlock Casteel Wedding | Soleille + Marius

Het Vlock Casteel Wedding

Het Vlock Casteel Wedding | Soleille + Marius

Het Vlock Casteel Wedding | Soleille + Marius 


Het Vlock Casteel is an extraordinary venue where the beautiful couple, Soleille and Marius, celebrated their sentimental day. This Het Vlock Casteel Wedding had so many amazing features that left so many guests speechless.


Cara and Dirk, whose wedding I did a while back, and Soleille and Marius are very close friends. Both couples participate in a choir and are very talented musicians. And so Cara and Dirk recommended me to be Soleille and Marius’ wedding photographer. I am so blessed to have such pure and spiritual people as clients.


Soleille and Marius’ characters are very alike which makes them the perfect husband and wife material. They have love each other unconditionally, that can turn any atmosphere into a heartfelt one.


Soleille and Marius’ wedding was quite a big wedding, with videographers and many guests who shared this heartfelt day with the newlywed couple. The videographers used drones to take the videos. This is quite an unusual feature at this Het Vlock Casteel Wedding, because the bridal couple wanted to have their wedding footages and photos document orientated. The reason for the usage of drones was so that JP Crouch can edit the video as fast as possible so that the video can play at the wedding reception, just to remind the guests that that day is the start of something amazing. I would also like to give credit for the second shooter, Rezaine Desai and her incredible skills.


Soleille and Marius told us the most romantic story and why the wedding is a ‘Green Wire’ wedding. The couple got engaged in Italy, and Marius made an engagement ring out of green wire for Soleille. True love exists when your loved one gives you something with little earthly value and it turns out to be something very close to your heart.


Every wedding has their ups and downs. Soleille and Marius bought a beautiful vintage car for their big day, unfortunately their ride broke down a week before the wedding. It was a bit of a setback for them, but it didn’t stop them from enjoying every moment of the day.


We ran a little bit out of time during the photoshoot with the family, which caused the golden hour shoot to only be a half an hour instead of a full hour. Fortunately, we still managed to capture incredible shots. The special and emotional atmosphere at the wedding reception with all the guests replaced these little situations and made my experience at this Het Vlock Casteel Wedding one to be remembered.


The newlywed couple’s parents are amazing people and play a very important role in their lives. They are also very family orientated, and I could see that through the blessings the family showered over the beautiful bride and groom. The rest of the wedding was just as spectacular, the dances were great, and the food was amazing. Nothing else mattered but the joy the people shared on that day.


A personal message from me to Soleille and Marius: You share something no words can describe. I believe that the Lord blessed you for your journey ahead.

Riaan West