Kronenburg Wedding | Naomi + Gervann

Kronenburg Wedding

Kronenburg Wedding | Naomi + Gervann

Kronenburg Wedding | Naomi + Gervann


I met Naomi and Gervann at a wedding expo at CTICC, where Margolite from SA Weddings also got to meet the couple and convinced them to consider me as their wedding photographer. Through this amazing coincidence, I already got excited for this Kronenburg Wedding and some ideas for the wedding started running through my head.


Naomi and Gervann’s story started through a dating site and turned into a heartfelt love story. Gervann lives in Augrabies and Naomi in the mother city, Cape Town. Although long distance can be quite hard, it never stopped their love from glowing.


I was invited over to Augrabies for their engagement shoot where I also got to know this breathtaking couple. Gervann and his father have a very strong relationship, which I cherish so much. It is amazing to see how Naomi formed part of the family and how Gervann’s father accepted her as his daughter to be.


The couple is truly divine and wherever they go, they leave quite an ambience behind. Naomi and Gervann had a view ideas for wedding venue, but a Kronenburg Wedding is what they wanted.


The interior of this Kronenburg Wedding was truly in touch with the couple’s character. Their wedding car was Gervann’s Land Cruiser, which was quite unique. And the floral designs where absolutely magnificent. It was such a privilege to work with the florist, Marcel Augustyn-Clark, who is also Naomi’s cousin.


Naomi and Gervann’s big day was the perfect day. It was filled with the warmth of the sun and joyful smiles. Not only was the sunset at its perfection, but the tranquil surroundings also left a sense of spirituality among the guests.


The most emotional moment of the day was the expression on Gervann’s face when Naomi came down the aisle. A scene of true love was seen here and the intimate love the couple shares was very vivid at this wedding.


The couple knew from the beginning they are partners for life. And so I believe that Naomi and Gervann’s love will never die out.

Riaan West