Langkloof Roses wedding | Carli + Brandon

Langkloof Roses wedding

Langkloof Roses wedding | Carli + Brandon

Langkloof Roses wedding | Carli + Brandon


Through my career I have been meeting fascinating people during my journey. As my journey carried on, I got to meet one of the most down-to-earth couple at this Langkloof Roses wedding. A loving couple with young spirits and souls searching for adventure where ever they go. It was a privilege to meet Carli and Brandon, and I was so fortunate to be part of their big day.


I got to meet Carli and Brandon when we did their engagement shoot, which was held at the same venue as where their wedding took place. Both of the shoots came out so intimate and romantic.


Langkloof Roses wedding venue is based at the foot of the Groenberg, close to Wellington. The venue is filled with rose gardens, vineyards, dams, swings and horses. The venue is filled with elements that will change the atmosphere of a wedding into a majestic one. This Langkloof Roses wedding is a true gem that is laid deep into my heart.


There were many features at this wedding that stood out for me and which made this wedding different from the norm. The décor and flowers at the wedding were spectacular and it was created by the talented bride. The décor of the wedding that Carli did caused that the newlywed couple’s likings and doings were incorporated into the wedding style. This Langkloof Roses wedding was very true to the couple’s personalities and character, which doesn’t happen quite often at weddings.


Brandon’s passion lays in cycling, and he is an excellent and talented cyclist. Many of his friends that attended the wedding have done the Cape Epic before. A special moment that occurred at the wedding was when Brandon received a bicycle emblem that Carli got made for him to wear on his suit.


The wedding was only a half day wedding, and ended around 12pm. Guests didn’t drink any alcohol at this wedding. Instead, Carli and Brandon hired a coffee machine where people could drink endless coffee. This was a very interesting feature, and it is starting to become a trend.


After the heartfelt and intimate morning, the guests where left to filter the magical moments they experienced for the rest of the day. The couple and I only got to the photoshoot later that day around 5 and 6 pm to catch the soft light and the perfect weather. Of all the elements at the venue, we only used the vineyards, swing, church and a vintage bicycle that Langkloof Roses provided. The setting at the church was quite magnificent. It was made out of weathered bricks with burning candles stuck onto the wall. This setting was great for creating a romantic atmosphere in the photos.


At the end of the day’s journey, I was left with Carli and Brandon’s passionate presence still dwelling around me.

Riaan West