Luxury Engagement Shoot | Ladine + Cobus

Luxury Engagement Shoot | Ladine + Cobus

Luxury Engagement Shoot | Ladine + Cobus


The thing that keeps me going is the amazing adventures I go on with my clients. My adventure with Ladine and Cobus was surely one that’s unforgettable.


Not only did I get to know these two lovely people, but I also got to know Ladine’s mom. Ladine was occupied with her studies quite a lot, so I had to discuss some of the plans with her mom.


I met Ladine and Cobus at the V&A Waterfront for a meeting for their Luxury Engagement Shoot. My first thought when I saw Cobus was that he has this amazing Pierce Bronsan/James Bond look and was accompanied by a beautiful princess. I already had a great feeling about this shoot.


We had to do the engagement shoot before the winter, because Ladine and Cobus wanted a sunny and warm look and feel in their photos. They are only getting married in September which is just after the winter. Our first idea for a location was at Preekstoel in Langebaan. It’s one of the West Coast’s secret beaches, surrounded by a blue/green ocean. A little piece of perfection. Our only worry was that it was going to be the whole day and we did not know how the weather would be. Two days before the shoot, we decided on doing the shoot at Llandudno which is also closer and a better option.


As the day of the shooting started, we arrived at our location and Llandudno was packed with people. Immediately we moved over to a more secluded area. This is a very important tip for upcoming photographers: Never let your clients feel uncomfortable on location. Always make sure you take them to a secluded and private area, otherwise it just might discourage your clients.


The success of this Luxury Engagement Shoot laid in the planning we did. We organized the clothes and planned the concepts and ideas long before the shoot. This helped a lot with the trust Ladine and Cobus gained in me as their photographer.


I had a great time with Ladine and Cobus. They packed a picnic bag and we did not only do the photoshoot but also enjoyed each other’s conversations as the day started to end. The one thing that really stood out for me was Cobus’ body language towards Ladine. He handles her like she is an elegant flower. I believe that they will be the perfect husband and wife one day.


What a beautiful day that I will always treasure. This couple’s love for each other was just as sunny and warm as the day.

Riaan West