My experience at Maryna and Armandt’s Gauteng wedding is one to be remembered. For it was filled with happiness and joy, something that I would treasure and always think back to.


The first time I met Maryna and Armandt face-to-face was on the day of their wedding. I usually meet up with my clients before the big day. But this was a different situation. A family member of Maryna and Armandt, Johan, recommended that I should be their wedding photographer. And so it turns out that Johan is one of my friends from Varsity days. It was such an honor, for they immediately offered to pay all of my expenses to be part of their Gauteng wedding.


This Gauteng Wedding venue is a high end farm, Lezar Opstal based in Heidelberg with the right elements to fulfill a bride’s wishes. The day started off with a sunny morning, and the farm were already filled with a joyful atmosphere. Horses, a windmill, trackers and wheelbarrows were all present to make me proud of being a South African.


At the time when the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready for the wedding, Maryna received a gift from Armandt, an elegant watch just to stir up the ecstasy. And so, Armandt received an acoustic guitar from Maryna. This was one of the most memorable moments of the day.


Before we could open our eyes, heavy rain started pouring down and showers the couple with love. My twin brother were there to keep everyone entertained with magic and other wonderful treasures while Mother Nature took over the plane.


Everyone were waiting with anticipation for the beautiful bride to enter the church. Light filled the room when Maryna walked into the room, leaving everyone speechless. As the ceremony continued everyone’s hands raised up to bless the newlywed couple.


As the ceremony moved to the reception, stories and speeches were shared which were so magical and moving that it left me breathless for a moment. The laughter, joyful tears and emotions at this Gauteng wedding created a heartfelt atmosphere.


A message to Maryna and Armandt: I pray to God for happiness for both of you and the rest of your journey together. I believe you are the one from the story which quotes “Happily Ever After”.


What a joyful day when two hearts are united and when two separate people become one family.



Riaan West