Moorreesburg Wedding | Anneen + Jandre

Moorreesburg Wedding

Moorreesburg Wedding | Anneen + Jandre

Moorreesburg Wedding | Anneen + Jandre


Morreesburg is a town that stole my heart and left me with proudness of being a South African. I am deeply impressed with this little town, and would consider it for anyone as a venue. Not only did the tranquil surroundings surprise me, but the beautiful newlywed couple, Anneen and Jandre, made my experience at this Moorreesburg worth the while.


Anneen and Jandre dated for a very long time and are truly a couple sent from Heaven. Meanwhile, Anneen followed me on Instagram for over a year and knew from the beginning that I will be their wedding photographer. We never did an engagement shoot but did a shoot for their ‘save the date’ cards. The reason to be, so Anneen and Jandre can be relaxed in front of a camera. A quick tip for my fellow photographers: It is important to realize that your clients should first be comfortable in front of the camera before the big show starts


Anneen and Jandre find Moorreesburg very special. This small farm town is true to their characteristics. Their love for the area was vividly shown through the smiles and happiness they shared at their Moorreesburg Wedding.


The wedding ceremony of was held in Moorreesburg. Whereas the wedding reception was based in Piketberg, a hidden gem which is discovered by many but experienced by few. My Moorreesburg Wedding experience was very luxurious and the wedding itself was transformed into a festival where all the guests enjoyed every single minute. Anneen and Jandre’s theme for the wedding was Natural with elegance. And they surely accomplished what they wanted. The wedding was very ‘in the moment’ and everyone just focused on the happiness and love shared between each other.


We had to travel for almost an hour to the venue where we did the golden hour photos. Luckily for all the preparations we did the day before, we caught the perfect light and everything worked out as we hoped for.


Anneen and Jandre is truly a couple sent from Heaven and Moorreesburg was definitely left filled with the intimate couple’s heartfelt presence.

Riaan West