Nadia Meli | International Photographer


Nadia Meli | International Photographer



I recently had the wonderful opportunity to meet the beautiful world renowned International Wedding Photographer, Nadia Meli!


Before I met Nadia Meli I was really intrigued and inspired by the high end quality work she produces, the countries she travels to, the people she meets and the interesting stories she shares.


We met at Villa 47, a popular restaurant in Cape Town, where I had the privilege of meeting her wonderful husband Eddy, too. Eddy constantly made me laugh with his friendly personality and his quirky sense of humor! We enjoyed a couple of drinks and got to know one another and shared our interesting journey’s together.


Apart from being the huge inspiration that she is, my main reason for meeting Nadia Meli was to do a porfolio shoot for a book I am currently writing. It was a huge honour to share my journey and dreams with her and having Nadia Meli part of this amazing journey made it that much more special!


When I first made contact with Nadia Meli right up until the day we met I was extremely impressed by the professionalism she portrayed. Before we made our way to Signal Hill to start the shoot, Nadia Meli offered to pay for our drinks and food, which was so amazing of her. During the shoot she made me feel relaxed and at ease which made the whole experience that much more memorable. She communicates well and I absolutely love her positive energy. I am also extremely grateful that her husband, Eddy, who took behind the scene images and assisted us during the entire shoot!


This was definitely a dream come true and without a doubt an experience I will cherish forever!


I’m looking forward to share all the amazing images Nadia took of me on the day. Please follow the links below to view the amazing work of Nadia.


To Nadia, I am so happy to have been able to meet you and Eddy, you are both so dear to my heart.


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