Megan + Hennie | Olive Rock Wedding

Hennie & Megan | Olive Rock Wedding

Megan + Hennie | Olive Rock Wedding

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Olive rock is one of my favorite venues, offering the perfect combination of both simplicity and elegance. It is situated in the Witzenburg valley just outside of the historical town of Tulbagh and surrounded by the most magical views. This venue blends in beautifully with its natural surroundings thanks to its simple architecture and luscious gardens. Olive rock’s unique feature is definitely their enchanting fairy lights that drape across the garden offering the perfect opportunity for gorgeous outdoor weddings in the summer months.


When I arrived at the venue the morning of the wedding it was a little overcast, which really created a cozy atmosphere. As I walked into the reception venue, I was blown away by everything that I saw – so much love and attention to detail was put into this wedding. There were at least a dozen people running around making sure everything was in place while Megan and Hennie were resting before the rush of their big day.


At around 10AM I headed over to Hennie’s cabin. Megan had given me a gift the day before which she asked me to please hand deliver to Hennie the morning of the wedding. It was such a sweet and thoughtful idea, I could see that it genuinely made Hennie’s day and these are the kinds of details that really remind me of why I love photographing weddings. Shortly after, I headed over to Arum Lily to see how Megan was doing. Her bridesmaids, who also happen to be her sisters, were both dressed in matching silk gowns and making sure that Megan didn’t have to lift a finger. Megan was having her hair and make up done by Nadia, who did an absolutely fantastic job because Megan looked breathtaking!


We all rushed off to the church as we were running a little late (what bride is ever on time??) The wedding ceremony was held at Montpellier, the thing I love most about this chapel, is that there are big windows along the side of the building that allow so much beautiful natural light to fill the space which obviously makes for great pictures! From there, all the guests made their way back to Olive rock, where they waited for Megan and Hennie to arrive so that they could welcome them, for the first time as Mr and Mrs, Marais. The newly weds joined their guests for canapés and drinks while Megan’s Dad said his speech. Megan and Hennie, along with their bridal party, snuck away for an hour while the sun was setting so that we could do the golden hour portraits, the guests continued to socialize while they watched a beautiful sunset in the valley. When we retuned, the guests were seated and the night began, it was filled with amazing food, joyous celebrations and A LOT of dancing!


Special thanks to Megan and Hennie for choosing me to be apart of this memorable day!!


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