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This is a short story on how I will be growing my business for 2017.

First I would like to introduce you to an amazing Lady, Shelby Anne and the wonderful journey we are starting together.

Shelby Anne contacted me in June 2016 requiring about an internship program. She is a young, dynamic, up and coming photographer based in Cape Town. At the time Shelby contacted me she was working full time and knew that she needed something new and different for her life. Shelby made the decision to actively pursue her dreams to become a full time photographer.

If you are currently employed full time and wanting to pursue the dream of becoming a full time photographer, please read further.


Making the transition from full time employee (08:00am – 17:00pm work hours)to  a full time photographer is very difficult. For the following reasons:


  1. You don’t know when will be the right time to make the transition
  2. Where will your next income be coming from
  3. You are scared and terrified of change
  4. You don’t know where to start, it’s all very overwhelming
  5. Do I need savings? and if so, how much do I need to save?
  6. Do I need an office, a car, laptop, gear etc.
  7. Other reasons not mentioned.


Shelby was set on this journey of uncertainty, but deep down she knew she wanted to pursue photography with her whole heart, but she didn’t have a photography business or know where to start. At the time when Shelby contacted me, I only offered an internship program. My internship programs are there for me to collaborate, connect and share my photography experiences with like minded people.

When Shelby started her internship program she was very hungry to grow and learn all about becoming a full time photographer. Our journey started off amazing and I saw that she was passionate and in love with photography, although she didn’t have a photography business yet.


Believe it or not, I needed Shelby as much as she needed me. I love the idea of sharing ideas, trends and concepts about photography business and I learned so much from the questions Shelby asked. It was as if I saw a part of myself in her and that was very encouraging.


Running a photography business is not easy. Here are a couple of reasons why:


  1. You have many clients and they require all your undivided attention and love.
  2. There is so much more that goes on than just taking photos. You are the accountant, the social media marketing person, the editor, the blogger, the SEO and business representative.
  3. You need knowledge on how a business runs and how to get clients.
  4. You need to be able to pay your bills at the end of each month.
  5. You need comprehensive backups upon backups.


Why  am I sharing this story about Shelby and why is this blog called Photography Business 2017?

Looking at Shelby I realised an important truth. Working together and having fun along the way is the way to go forward.

Shelby Anne and Riaan West will be working together as a new team for the year 2017. Shelby Anne officially started her dream and going on the wonderful adventure of becoming a full time photographer.


How will our Photography Business work for 2017?

The exciting news is that Shelby will be starting her own brand and business very soon. She will be helping out in the office for two work days a week and the rest of the time she will be focusing on her own brand and photography Business.

I’m not a boss but love the idea of inspiring, guiding and showing how others can accomplish their dreams.

Coming from a full time employment background having a 08:00am – 17:00pm job can be life draining and a huge dream crusher. I want Shelby to help get up and running and I look forward to the day she will be a successful full time photographer.


How I will be running my photography business for 2017:


  1. 2017 will be the year that Riaan West will collaborate with Shelby Anne, working together to help each other grow. Together we can achieve more!!!
  2. I am putting together an exciting photography business model that will inspire other like minded photographers in the near future.
  3. I am implementing business structures to work more efficiently, and to provide a better service and experience for clients.
  4. I need to address issues on how my business operates and functions. With  the extra help of Shelby Anne, I can have a more balanced and healthier photography business.


Closing with an encouraging thought.

2017 is a new year full of exciting opportunities and experiences. Hope this short story about Shelby Anne will encourage you to follow your dreams and make things happen by acting and making decisions daily, throughout 2017.

Working together, the journey is more fun and worthwhile.


Please follow Shelby Anne’s journey on instagram (details below) to support her and see how she will be growing her Photography  Business in 2017


Love Riaan West and Shelby Anne.













Photography Business 2017 | Cape Town Photographer Photography Business 2017 | Cape Town Photographer

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