Photography Styling | Wedding Photographers Cape Town

Photography Styling | Wedding Photographers Cape Town

Photography Styling | Wedding Photographers Cape Town


When I started Photography back in the day, there wasn’t something like Photography Styling. It was more about Portraits and Photography assignments and your typical wedding shoots.


With the digital age emerging and the consciousness of our day to day lifestyles, there has emerged this incredible style of documenting style. If I were to define the term Photography Styling I would define it as a mood, a documentary of something small that forms part of a bigger picture, subtle story telling and the establishment or setting the tone or mood.


Photography styling always incorporates props and objects that are displayed In a way that gives an external person the idea of something interesting.


I like to think of Photography Styling is an living organism that adapts and changes to its surrounding as well as to current trends and what is fashionable at the time.

An example of Photography styling. Lets say you are documenting a wedding you would capture portraits of the Bride. In the olden days you would capture only the portrait and with the emerging new trend of Photography Styling you would take images of the dress, the shoes, the perfume the earrings and the bouquet.


Some photographers capture the one element and others capture all of them together.


Here are some Tips I’ve managed to learn over the years when it comes to Photography Styling


  • Know Styling is a process. Keep working on it, add elements, take elements, props and objects away till you get a pattern. The styling images that I post, never comes from the first attempt.
  • Add a Human Hand. Kinfolk is a lifestyle company that started with lifestyle photography and incorporated a human hand. Human Hands add a personal feel and scale to the image.
  • Don’t over complicate. I’ve made this mistake many times by adding in so many objects and items that it doesn’t become interesting or it gets over complicated.
  • If it’s a single Product multiply it several times: what I mean by this is. If you capture wine bottles for instance, use multiple wine bottles in the Styling and layout and display and arrange them in different ways.
  • Have a clean or interesting base: I use a lot of fabric material when I do weddings and when I do styling photography. This allows me to have full control of a layout and ensuring my shots come out fresh and soft. I’m all about the timeless factor.
  • Make us of concrete: In the Architectural world, they make use of this amazing structural component called concrete. Concrete is associated with modern architecture and also compliments a very natural look and feel when it comes to your luxury colours for example Gold, Black, white, Silver etc. Concrete is my favorite surface to shoot on and I love this component dearly for doing my style shoots.
  • Think Simplicity: Sometimes the most powerful things are the most simplest of things.


Here is some links of famous photographers that flourish in Styling


Nadia Meli: Visit her Website here


Elizabeth Messina: Visit her Website here


Cindy Loughbridge: Visit her Website here


Hope you have found this article useful. I’ve attached some images for you to have a look at some of my favorite styling images


Photography Styling | Wedding Photographers Cape Town

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