Robertson Wedding | Faudia + Andre

Robertson Wedding | Faudia + Andre

Robertson Wedding | Faudia + Andre 


Many photographers don’t do wedding shoots for friends and family, but I am always willing to help out good friends and family to the best of my abilities. This Robertson Wedding was one to be remembered and climbed deep into my heart. I had the privilege to shoot Faudia and Andre’s wedding, whom is also close friends of mine from church.

Faudia and Andre are both disciples at CTCOC. Their story began on a train on their way to Cape Town. They developed a beautiful friendship and had quite a lot of one-by-one time on the train. Faudia and Andre is a Godly couple who considers dating as a form of purity. I always feel honored when a couple practices absolute purity.

It’s always the best and most memorable shoots when elements, which gives us a glimpse of a couple’s love story, are embedded into the environment. It’s as if I stroll with them through their memory lane. In this Robertson Wedding’s case, Faudia and Andre’s wedding was Train inspired. Their engagement shoot was also based at a train station in Kalkbay, where they originally met, which formed part of our treasured journey together.

This Robertson Wedding was held in the valley of vineyards and roses, called by the name of Bon Cap. This beautiful venue with its tranquil surroundings really created a majestic feeling among all of the guests and the newlywed couple. Faudia and Andre’s wedding day was the perfect day, which I believe that it was the Lord’s way of blessing their sacred day.

Faudia’s surprise for Andre was a moment that really stood out for me. Faudia’s dress designer, Danie, created a veil of 7m long for her. This dress was Little Red Riding Hood inspired and got the idea from Pinterest. This fairytale veil did not just take Andre’s breath away, but left the rest of us speechless too.

It is not likely to do weddings where the newlywed couple and most of the guests are all friends of mine, and I believe my fellow wedding photographers can relate to that. The Cape Town Church of Christ (CTCOC) is a congregational church which Faudia, Andre and myself belong to. CTCOC weddings are usually morning weddings which are the most fun and the best wedding photos are captured, because of the time on our hands.

This Godly couple is truly the most inspirational love story which I will always bear with me in my journey ahead.

Riaan West