Ryan + Morganne| Camps Bay Surprize Engagement

Ryan + Morganne| Camps Bay Surprize Engagement

Ryan + Morganne | Camps Bay Surprize Engagement  | Wedding Photographers Cape Town


This is a very Special post and Shoot that I am sharing with you guys today. A couple Of weeks ago Ryan (Who is from England) emailed me and said the following.

Hi Riaan, I am a crew member on the ship The World, which is going to be in Cape Town from 18-22 of March. Whilst there I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend, Morganne. I am looking to see if there are any local photographers who are able to be present (secretly) to capture the moment? I see this is a very popular thing now where photographers are secretly capturing the moment before and after (which is then not so secret). Could you please let me know if this is something you do?

I couldn’t believe it, I was very happy and excited at the Same time. Ryan’s initial idea was to propose on top of table mountain and I went a couple of days before hand to view all the possible locations. This has been an adventure.

Ryan and myself had the following plan in place

Riaan will meet us on the 20th at approx. 4:30pm and take us to Table Mountain. You will pose as an employee of Cape Cobra Leather company who just sailed on the ship from Durban to Cape Town. This is an exotic skin handbag and accessory company using ostrich, crocodile and python skins to make handbags etc. Their website is http://www.capecobra.co.za/ . Since we got on so well you wanted to offer to take us out for the night and show us Table Mtn. I will buy the tickets for the 3 of us online, You have not been there for a long time so IF she sees your camera you brought it to take some pics, since you have not been up there for a couple of years. You will lead us somewhere appropriate, hopefully private, and say you are going off to take some pics (??) for 30 mins or so and will be back shortly, After a few minutes (to allow you to position yourself) I will ask the question. After question you return and we take some posed photos before dark. We head to the restaurant for photos and a surprise dinner about 8pm.
On the day when we went to shoot on Table Mountain, there was this thick dark cloud that made the mountain very cold and visibility was zero.
The Table mountain engagement turned ito the camps bay surprise engagement. We ventured of to Camps bay where we took amazing pictures. We basically chased the light.

To Ryan and Morganne, Thank you for an amazing adventure, it has meant such a lot to me and I love you both dearly. You are the happiest fun loving couple that has crossed my path for which i am very grateful. With this being said I present your Surprize Engagement images. Enjoy, Love Riaan x x x


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