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Unique Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographers Cape Town

Unique Wedding Photography  | Journal | Wedding photographers Cape Town


Hello wonderful people!!

Unique wedding photography. Today I will speak about a very interesting topic that will help you think differently. Unique Wedding Photography!!!

How do you develop a unique touch to your images and how do you stand out from the ret of the photographers. For me, because I’m one of a twin, I’ve been in competition for most of my life with my brother. I guess I could say I am use to the idea of being unique. When your identity is share with another person, it can be very daunting to discover what makes you unique.

with regards to Unique wedding photography, I sat down, took a notebook and wrote down the things that I wanted to focus on to become unique. 

My list was as follows.

1) I wanted to be more creative. A lot of Photographers don’t want to go the extra mile and do challenging things to get the images that will make you unique. Its a mindset.

2) Resign your Brand. Believe it or not, it all starts wit your brand. If you don’t have a business plan and in it you cant tell me what will set your brand out from the other photographers you will have to think about this. Your brand has a mood and a feeling which your client picks up from and they will decide whether you are the photographer for them or not.

3) Stop following other Photographers. Yes, I said it. Stop following other photographers. I made a conscious decision not to follow other photographers. I still review their work from time to time but never stay longer than a minute. I have found that I needed to tap into my pure nature and ability of what I wanted out of photography and in order to have done  that, I needed to break away from competitive photographers.

4) Think about your Uniqueness. I know of a famous photographer who incorporates a vintage piano and throws it in the see in order to be Unique. His name is Clayton Austin. The Image bolow was taken by Clayton Austin, To review His work please visit His website and amazing work.



5) Incorporate elements, Props and details that will make you Unique.

6) My Uniqueness. The things that I like to focus on and what I want to be Unique about is, taking stylish, very clean, simplistic and above all beautiful images.

7) Get a topic. One of the topics and places that I love is Paris. I love the classiness of to, the words, O, Darling, the night lights and the wonderful splendid paris music. If I think Paris, I think luxury, elegance, style and its make me feel warm inside. One day I would love to do a series and a couple of weddings in Paris. My favourite saying is, Paris is always a good idea.

Thats it for today, Hope that these Unique insights have helped you. Love Riaan

Unique Wedding Photography-Wedding photographers Cape Town

Unique Wedding Photography  | Journal | Wedding photographers Cape Town

Riaan West