Wedding Fears | How to remain positive & focused

Wedding Fears

Wedding Fears | How to remain positive & focused

Wedding Fears | How to remain positive & focused 

A wedding is quite a fearful, but also a very significant event in an upcoming bride and groom’s life.  But there are many different ways to overcome these Wedding Fears, which I have experienced by watching how brides handled it since I’ve been in the career of a wedding photographer.


If you are getting married, there are surely many things running through your mind regarding  your wedding on a daily basis. Closer to the time, these wedding fears can be quite a challenge, which many brides can relate to.


3 Typical Fears To Overcome:


1) Time management – The worst wedding fear is time management. It is important to have the wedding well planned to overcome the fear of things running a bit late. Jomar Herrera once quoted ‘Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.’ This is what a bride should realize, time is not important, what is important is the fact that the bride should enjoy every single moment of her big day. Leave those worries to the wedding coordinator and photographer so that you can enjoy the beautiful day.

2) Weather – In a bride’s point of view, the weather is a big concern. Over the years I have realized that a bride should just embrace every little thing that happens on their big day. The weather is the last thing to fuss about. It just makes the day more memorable and special. Rain might pour down which should actually be seen as blessings falling from Heaven over the newlywed couple. An important tip, regarding weather, is to be prepared for any weather condition.


3) Will the wedding be enjoyed – Brides have so many Wedding Fears, which one of them is if the guests will enjoy the wedding or not. This is the last thing you should worry about. The most important thing to remember is not to organize too many activities for the guests. Guests do not want to feel rushed at your wedding, because that will lead to guests not enjoying the wedding as they would have. Another thing to remember is if a bride and groom seem too busy and agitated at their wedding. These agitated vibes from the newlywed couple can be easily sensed by the guests which may cause them to feel the same way too.


I think many brides are wrapped up in the details and lose sight of why they are actually having a wedding. The most important tip is to keep everything simple and authentic. Your wedding is the day where two souls become one and two hearts that beat as one so make it a stress free day.


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