Wedding preparation tips for photographers

Wedding preparation tips for photographers

Wedding Preparation tips for Photographers | Photography tips | Wedding Photographers Cape Town


With wedding season starting in Cape Town, it is important to prepare mentally, and physically. Throughout the year, I put time a side to exercise every week keeping myself fit and healthy, but when wedding season starts it is important that I put extra effort into eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. It is also vital to make time to rest so that my mind is prepared for those long, hot days of shooting. Cape Town in the summer can be very hot, creating an even greater challenge for photographers, this is something I am sure my fellow wedding photographers in Cape Town, can relate to.


If you are new to wedding photography or even just looking for some wedding photography tips on how to be a healthier and more energetic wedding photographer, then this will help you. I have put together some of the most important tips that I have found really helpful over the past 12 years of being a wedding photographer in South Africa.


Below is my Top 6 Wedding Photography Tips for preparing for a wedding


1) Drink A LOT of water – It is really important to keep your body hydrated, not only on the day of the wedding, but for the entire wedding season, or better yet, all year round. I always suggest drinking 2-3 liters of water per day in the hot summer months.


2) Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night – This is something that I struggle with, but try push myself to do. Your body and mind needs the rest, if you are not well rested it can be very easy to slip up and make a mistake or forget something that you normally would not forget. Our health as wedding photographers comes first, as we are our businesses most valuable asset and therefore need to be in the best condition possible to give our clients consistent quality.


3) Have your equipment ready at least 2 days before – During the busy wedding season, stress will be unavoidable, but, if you can make sure you have a few key things under control, it will avoid some unnecessary stress. I always get my equipment ready 2 days prior to shooting a wedding, I make sure my batteries are all charged, I have my chargers packed in, incase my battery does die. I have formatted all my SD cards and I make sure my lenses are all clean and packed into my bag, it also helps to have a check list that you go through when you are preparing your equipment.


4) Comfort is key – The last thing you want to worry about is how sore your feet are or how hard it is to bend in the tight pants you are wearing. Find an outfit and a pair of shoes that are extremely comfortable, this will be key to a successful day of shooting. Lay your outfit down next to your equipment and have everything prepared and ready to go the morning of the wedding.


5) If possible, visit the venue and bridal suit the day before/ week before the wedding – It will be of great benefit to you if you can go and view the venue prior to the wedding day. I like going the day before when the venue is starting to be set up for the next days wedding as this gives me the time to scout for golden hour portrait locations, view the bridal suit to be sure that I will not run in to any unforeseen challenges the following morning and also get a feel for the mood of the wedding as well as the space I will be working in. This will calm your mind and help you to feel more relaxed and prepared.


6) The night before the wedding – This is probably one of the most valuable wedding photography tips that I can give. The night before the wedding is key to preparing your mind and body before the busy day that will follow. Because your equipment is already in order and your clothing is laid out, you have nothing to stress or worry about. Be home by 4pm so that you can double-check all your equipment and then go see a movie. Grab a lightly salted popcorn and a bottle of water (avoid all sugar) and take your mind off the wedding completely for 2 hours. Once you return home, I always suggest eating a pasta dish with a sauce that is low in fat. This will boost your energy for the next day, as carbohydrates will keep your energy levels high. Be in bed by 9:30 in order to allow for a good nights rest.

Article by Camilla Hendry


Wedding preparation tips for photographers | Photography tips | Wedding Photographers Cape Town




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