Western Cape Wedding | Nita + Charl

Western Cape Wedding | Nita + Charl

Western Cape Wedding | Nita + Charl 


I have been working quite a lot with SA Weddings in the past, and got to know some amazing people in the field which turned into friendships. One of these people is Nita. She started working for SA Weddings, and I met her through Michelle du Toit who’s also a wedding photographer. Nita appreciated my photos and we went on our own journey. She asked me to be her and Charl’s wedding photographer. I was filled with joy and excitement already.


Nita and Charl’s engagement photoshoot was taken in Cape Town. We incorporated a lot of design elements into the photos, which emphasized Nita’s personality quite a lot. It is really a privilege to work with the couple, because they are so down to earth, relaxed and open for new ideas. Every photographer’s favourite type of client.


This Western Cape Wedding was located at Eengezind, a true gem of Durbanville’s countryside. This was also where Nita prepared herself for their big day. Charl on the other hand, got ready at Klein Roosboom. While I was shooting Charl and Nita separately before the wedding ceremony, I could see that their spirits were with each other every minute without even being together physically.


What made this wedding very special for me was to see how family and friends were involved every step of the way. The location of this Western Cape Wedding was offered by family friends. Klein Roosboom was offered by family friends and even the area where we had the golden hour photos taken. This gave me a clear vision of what friendship should be.


My favourite part of this Western Cape Wedding was the speeches. Nita’s sister is married to a minister who led the whole wedding. He spoke the most heartfelt words over the newlywed couple, which left me with goosebumps. Charl’s brother’s speech was focused quite a lot on their grandparents and it reminded me of how precious older generations really is. It is quite important to praise the older generations at special events like these.


Nita and Charl’s wedding was a day filled with joy and intimate moments that made me excited about life more than ever.

Riaan West