Zorgvliet Wedding | Kate + Vivian

Zorgvliet Wedding | Kate + Vivian

Zorgvliet Wedding | Kate + Vivian

Zorgvliet Wedding | Kate + Vivian



Zorgvliet Wine Estate is one of my top three favourite venues, which I will recommend for any bride to fulfill her dreams. It is situated in the Banghoek valley surrounded by majestic mountains and vineyards.


Vivian, an old high school friend of mine, moved down to Cape Town from Gauteng a few years ago. He got to know Kate’s brother, Scott, through their squash games they played together. Scott decided to bring his sister to one of their squash games and just there something incredible began. Vivian and Kate fell in love quit quickly. Love at first sight as they say. Kate told me that everything was so easy with Vivian. It was as if everything just fell into place as it should.


This Zorgvliet Wedding was very personal to me. There were many friends from my high school years present that it left me feeling right at home. It was a blessing to see how a couple’s wedding day is celebrated by the people that played a big role during their teen years.


The atmosphere at the wedding was filled with the intimacy and emotional presence of the newlywed couple, which made my experience at this Zorgvliet Wedding worthwhile. The wedding was small and very traditional. The guests had an amazing bond with one another, as one family in spirit.


Kate’s ideas for the wedding photos was well thought out and knew exactly what she wanted. Vivian on the other hand, had simplistic and natural photos in mind. My fellow photographers can relate that when your clients know what they want, everything works out perfectly.


During the golden hour, the groomsmen and bridesmaids all participated and we captured the most extraordinary photos with the tranquil surroundings and horses in the background. The only obstacle was a cloud that covered the sun, and we had to chase after the last bit of light on top of a hill. The rush to the hill was definitely worth it, that last bit of light we caught created the most amazing photos. This was one of the top moments of the day.


As we moved over to the reception, speeches and stories were shared. Out of all the speeches, Vivian’s speech stood out the most. It was so moving, emotional, inspiring and left everyone breathless.


As the night went on, Kate’s father and Scott surprised the guests with a few songs they played together on acoustic guitars, and it was out of this world. The night was cold, but the company and the fire at the reception kept us cozy.


My experience this Zorgvliet Wedding was one to be remembered. It made me realize how important the rawness of love is and the bond between friends and family.

Riaan West